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At Environmental Mold Solutions, our focus is on you, the health of your family and the indoor health of your home.

We help our customers in Southeastern Pennsylvania understand the mold issue that is affecting their family. We will help find the source of the unwanted moisture causing the mold growth and quickly take action to treat and remove the mold and prevent future growth. A microscopic particle can quickly grow to an army of thousands of mold spores congregating and eating their way through your home.

At Environmental Mold Solutions, our courteous and professional team is always ready and available for you, from the first time you contact us through treatment completion. We specialize in providing mold treatment and prevention services as well as water intrusion inspections to:


  • Home owners
  • Home buyers and sellers
  • Realtors
  • Commercial property owners

We can treat any size mold problem and offer solutions to prevent it from coming back.

We utilize MAPS, Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions, which is a two-part microbial defense system. The first part is a multi-purpose anti-microbial that kills fungi. The second part is a sealant/protectant which forms a colorless ultra-thin skin that will protect surface intrusions from air or water-borne spores. Our sealant inhibits future growth on treated surfaces for an extended period of time. Learn more about our mold treatment process here.

EMS has undergone extensive training and certification as required by the state of PA Department of Agriculture. Mold is classified as a pest by the Department of Agriculture, therefore EMS has a registered Business Pesticide Number, 12581 as well as a Pesticide Applicator Number, 71003. We are also fully insured.

Our product allows us to take an innovative approach to mold treatment and prevention that benefits our customers. Our two-part microbial defense system kills mold on surfaces as well as airborne spores present during treatment. It is a non-corrosive product and in many cases doesn’t require the removal and replacement of building materials like other mold treatment types.

Every mold problem has its own unique features and we will educate and advise you on what the best approach is to addressing the moisture issue causing the mold growth and clearly explain our treatment process. We’ll discuss ways for you to prevent future mold problems and offer an unconditional guarantee against mold returning in the treated areas. Unlike other companies, we don’t make our guarantee based on a humidity threshold.

We offer guarantees on our treatment against future mold growth on treated surfaces.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from our ability to improve the indoor air quality of our customers’ properties and help improve their health. 


Contact us today if you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and have a mold problem or think you might and we will give you our immediate attention. Don’t let mold continue to cause damage to your home and impact the health of your family.

“Environmental Mold Solutions was used to provide mold remediation services on one of my listings. Rick James, President, completed the work in a very professional, respectful, and thorough manner. His knowledge and expertise in this area was extremely impressive. Thank you for the excellent service.”

Elaine R.

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