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Mold treatment

For the health of your family as well as the structural health of your home or building, it is vital to remove and treat any mold problem, no matter how small it may appear.

While the end goal of mold treatment is the removal and prevention of future mold growth, you must make sure to eliminate the source of the mold – moisture. Otherwise all you are doing is applying a band-aid to the problem.

Environmental Mold Solutions uses MAPS,  Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions, a two-part microbial defense system for mold treatment and to prevent mold growth from returning.

Our process has several benefits when compared to conventional mold treatment methods.

  • Cost effective
  • Minimal disruption to your family or business
  • Non-destructive to your home or building
  • Does not stain furniture or clothing
  • Treatment can usually be completed in one day
  • No toxic mold residue or dust to be cleaned up

What is our two-part microbial defense system?

We use a two phase treatment to take care of any mold issue. This system consists of MAPS A and MAPS B. MAPS is ‘Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions’. MAPS A is a multi-purpose anti-microbial that kills fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is applied by a commercial ULV fogger and distributed at a particle size of approximately 30 microns, thinner than a strand of hair. It easily covers and treats exposed surfaces including corners, behind items and any visible crevices and cracks. Particles of MAPS A lands on mold spores killing them on contact. It is effective on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Not only does MAPS A kill mold, it cleans and deodorizes treated areas.

MAPS B is a proprietary polymer which is a surface-active S.M.A.R.T. polymer specifically for insitu use on a myriad of substrates. S.M.A.R.T polymers are comprised of unique proprietary formulations based on ionic ligands, organic acids and natural products dissolved or suspended in a water-soluble gel-type mix. MAPS B forms a colorless ultra-thin skin that will protect surface intrusion from air or water-borne spores for an extended period of time. MAPS B will prevent future mold growth on treated surfaces.

Not only does our process kill mold growth on surfaces within the treated area, it kills air-borne mold spores present at time of treatment within the treated area. Elevated levels of active airborne mold spores can cause numerous health issues.

Our process has been used successfully in all mold situations. We provide desirable and effective results for you and your property by improving the indoor environment and helping to improve building occupant’s health affected by mold exposure.

Why use a destructive, expensive and time consuming mold treatment method when you can use our MAPS System?

You’ll save time, money and have the peace of mind that comes from having any mold issue within your home or building effectively treated with our two-phase process. Environmental Mold Solutions offers an industry leading one-year unconditional guaranty against any mold regrowth in your home or building. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding mold treatment.


“Rick, Thank you for your quickness in solving the mold problem in our attic.  Your professionalism and knowledge of the situation was most reassuring to us.  Your explanation eased our anxiety.  We appreciate your one year guarantee and we plan to extend it four more years to give the eventual new owners of our house the pleasure of knowing they will also be in safe hands.”

Lowell & Karen F.

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