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mold sickness

Mold Can Affect Your Family's Health

Get the facts about the link between mold exposure and upper respiratory illnesses.

Black Mold

Mold Treatment

We can treat any size mold problem and keep it from coming back.

Prevent Mold Growth

Find out how you can prevent mold growth in your home or building.


“You addressed every concern in a detailed and professional manner.  You set a standard of excellence that I have not seen in thirty years.  The “turn-around” time was remarkable.  I’m glad I’m not one of your competitors…..I’d starve to death.”

Sterling T.  

“All mold has the potential to cause ill health.”

The Environmental Protection Agency

Black mold on basement walls
Water Damage
hidden mold in crawl space
Stairwell Mold

“Not only did you relieve the concern about mold, but you went beyond the call of duty removing the damaged panelling, ceiling tiles and flooring that my parents installed over 50 years ago and produced an outstanding result for us.”

Kit T.

“We hired EMS to remove the extensive mold in our concrete stairwell leading out of the basement. Rick James and his partner were professional, knowledgeable and respectful of our home and our lifestyle. Most importantly, after the treatment was over a nagging cough my husband has had for awhile went completely away! We are now thinking that the cough was an allergy from the mold and not our two cats.”

Pat R. & Arnold G.

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